We love to dance

Não é todo dia que conseguimos ver um clip sendo produzido, mas um membro de nossa crew, em recente viagem aos Estados Unidos, deu um flagrante no clip e agora postamos para vcs, pois vale muito a pena os 3 minutos dessa belissima produção realizada pela Yak Films!   *King Bones & DJ Aaron in…

Bodies in Urban Spaces

A casual observer could easily mistake these images for some new Mark Jenkins’ urban interventions, because they usually feature human-like sculptures in unusual city spots. But no: these are real people. The pictures show the performance art Bodies in Urban Spaces, that happened last Sunday (26) on different parts of lower Manhattan, New York. Following…

Colors and movements of the urban night

The great and agitated centers have been dictating human’s life pace since the beginning of the last century, when the great urban machinery first began to howl. Since then, the life in the cities has been faster and more frenetic, saturated with information and movement. This influence comes alive on the paintings by Alexandra Pacula,…

i want to ride my bicycle

The Giro d’Italia, one of the big wheeler races in Europe, starts this year outside the Italian borders, in Amsterdam. On invitation of the Mediamatic Lab (Amsterdam) the international Bike Film Festival decided to come to bicycle city number one for her 10th anniversary. Thus, the 8th of May the city inaugurates two events: the Giro d’Italia 2010 and the BFF (Bike Film Festival).

The film festival shows a great variety of movies on bikes. From documentaries about legendary cycling personalities, to incredible bicycle makers, from bicycle romance to bicycle tricks & fun. Fixed gear seems to be the most convenient bike for urban cyclists. The bike does not have brakes, but one slows down when moving the feet backwards, because the gear is fixed to the wheel. This means you can cycle backwards, flip over when you brake fast, do all sorts of tricks and twist and turn quickly. 

bicycle path amsterdam

lucas brunelle under water

made in queens

The Foundation Mediamatic also organizes an exhibition, Sur Place , which pays tribute to the bicycle and its wheelers. The exhibition contains a multi-functional bicycle path, designed by DUS architects. Everyone can bring his bike to try that out. Street art by Mike Giant, to create an urban atmosphere inside the space. A display of special bicycles, historically or in terms of design, wheeler jerseys and crash portraits. Besides one can also participate in several repair and ‘pimp my ride’ like workshops.




These occasions will inspire the people in the Netherlands to have a close look at their love for the bicycle as the easiest and healthiest means transport and, of course, the beautiful sports on wheels. Don’t mind the crash portraits!