Shakespeare in motion

Anna Cohen, a 24 year-old Jerusalem-based animator, created a stop-motion homage to William Shakespeare’s 395th death anniversary. The video shows the poet in clay dealing with an awful creative block to finish Romeo and Juliet.

The animator explores creativity and the ways to overcome the obstacles during creative process. Check out this amusing animation.


Hand-sculpted illustrations

Jessica Fortner couldn’t be classified as a simple illustrator, in the strict sense of the word. After all, on her creative process the Canadian artist replaces pencils and paints for polymer clay, producing detailed sculptures and sceneries that are photographed and then receive a digital post-production. That’s what she calls a “hand-sculpted illustration”. “I always…

Clay toys

Artist Leslie Levings creates amazing toys made by polymer clay. Called Beastlies, the little monsters are 100% handmade, one of a kind. The series, which has hundreds of different creatures, can be seen at the Leslie’s flickr. Versatile, the artist is also a member of the site Atrox ans shape some of the comic characters.…